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  • Can I order more than one of the same item?
    Sorry, but that is not an option. All of Allude Inc pochette are designed to be one-of-a-kind items, therefore no two items are created the same to create individuality.
  • Are all Allude items handmade?
    Most Definitely!!!! All Allude Inc products are created from scratch, by hand, by the owner and creator only. Each item is carefully sewn, designed, and put together with love and an insertion of strictly positive vibes.
  • Can I get my pochette wet?
    Due to the delicate nature of handmade products, we do not suggest leaving any pochette out for long periods of time in any water or liquid. A short lived sprinkle here and there in the rain should not cause any harm however, leaving your pochete poolside may not be a good idea.
  • Can I order a custom made pochette?
    Custom orders are accepted under strict terms and conditions at an additional fee. For further inquiry please send an email for the disclosure.
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